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“ACHOURA” to be screened at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 

Written by FDM

Directed by Talal Selhami, the horror film “ACHOURA” in which Sofia Manousha plays was selected at the BIFFF (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival). From April 9 to 21, 97 horror, thriller, fantasy and science fiction movies – including some 30 premieres – are scheduled.

After his film “MIRAGES” in 2011, Talal Selhami returns, in official competition, to the BIFF (Brussels International Fantastic Films Festival) with “ACHOURA”. It tells the story of Nadia, Ali, Samir and Stéphane, four toddlers who have the brilliant idea to visit Maison des Français during the celebration of Achoura.

Problem, according to an urban legend, a frightful Djinn nicknamed Boughatate goes out once a year to feed on innocent children who dare to break into this miserable building dating from the French protectorate. Result: Samir disappears … Twenty years later, Ali who became a police inspector for a unit specializing in disappeared children, found him! But, Boughatate is also back …

On screen, Sofia Manousha, Ivan Gonzalez, Mohamed Choubi, Moussa Maaskri, Omar Lotfi and Younes Bouab. “ACHOURA” will be screened on April 12 at BIFFF. In total, there are 97 horror, thriller, fantasy and science-fiction films including big productions like “Hellboy”, “Iron sky 2” which are scheduled from 9 to 21 April.