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Abdelkébir Rabi ‘celebrates the publication of his book through the exhibition “Autremême”

Written by FDM

The Artorium space of the TGCC Foundation in Casablanca is displaying, until the end of December, the collection of works by Abelkébir Rabi under the title “Autremême”. On this occasion, the artist presents his new book “Abdelkébir Rabi ‘:  L’œuvre à l’Absolu” (Editions H2 / 61.26), under the direction of Mohamed Rachdi.

The book is a monograph recounting the artistic activity of the painter Abdelkébir Rabi ‘. It was realized with the participation of other known feathers in the universe of the fine arts, notably Élisabeth Chambon, Jean-Claude Le Gouic, Jean Lancri, Michel Guerin, Mostafa Chebbak, Alain Flamand and, of course, the artist Abdelkébir Rabi ‘, famous for his many writings.

In the introduction to his text, Mohamed Rachdi points out that “the texts gathered in this book are intended to trace paths of thought by opening essential orientations, likely to help better penetration and appreciation of the fineness and complexity of the work of art by an engaged artist for more than fifty years in a solitary and demanding artistic adventure, rigorous and clearly singular, within the history of modern and contemporary art in Morocco.” reads a statement from the organizers.

As to the works on display (oil on canvas and charcoal on paper), they reflect the duality characterizing the path of this self-taught artist, who has constantly wavered between figurative painting and abstract art.

This ambivalence is rooted in the influences that marked his pictorial culture. By settling in Fez for training to become a teacher in the early 1960s, he rubbed shoulders with oriental artists settled in Morocco, from whom he forged solid technical know-how in painting.

Throughout this exhibition, three meetings are scheduled: on Thursday, November 21st, tackling the topic” Should the artist absolutely specialize?”, on  Thursday, December 12th, with the theme Drawing and/or painting today?” and finally, on Tuesday, December 19th, when the presentation and signature of the monograph will take place.

Autremême” at ARTORIUM, Fondation TGCC, 4 rue Imam Mouslim, Oasis, Casablanca. November 14th-December 31st.