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A week-long film festival dedicated to the work of Izza Genini 

Written by FDM

The film festival called “Toute une semaine avec Izza” (A whole week with Izza) kicked off this Monday, May 7 at the Ritz Casablanca. An event dedicated to the work of producer and director Izza Genini, which ends on Saturday, May 12.

An event organized by the AnouArts association that explains the need to pay tribute to “a child from a country that she left a long time ago to come back regularly and draw on almost all the subjects and themes of her impressive work”.

“It was therefore perfectly normal to think of her and to invite her to come and share with us her love and her passion for Morocco, for its arts and its cultures,” insisted the president of the AnouArts association, Najib Senhadji.

Three documentary films written and produced by the producer were screened at the opening of the festival, namely “Tambours battant” (50 minutes), ” Aita ” (26 minutes) and “Malhoun” (26 minutes). Izza Genini was present and made sure to exchanged with the audience some of her filming memories. For the producer, this festival is “an exceptional opportunity to see on the screen of Cinema Ritz Casablanca, the city of my childhood and adolescence, almost all my films on Morocco .”

The producer left Morocco at the age of 17 with her parents in 1960 to go to Paris. And as she explains, her productions reflect the essence of Morocco by their diversity and liveliness, as well as the values conveyed by peace, tolerance and living together. This week’s program includes the screening of several documentary films, debates with Izza Génini and live music by musicians and lmaâlems, some of whom have participated in these films.