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A two-year-old girl died intoxicated by … Potato chips

Written by FDM

A two-year-old girl died on March 20 in Rabat, following a food poisoning after eating potato chips.

According to local news websites, which quote a report sent to the Minister of Health by the poison control and pharmacovigilance center, the intoxication of the girl goes back to March 17. The child had consumed a suspect food product (crisps) purchased by her parents from Hay Farah and had subsequently developed hyperthermia followed by digestive upset.

The deterioration of the girl’s state of health urged her father to consult the Children’s Hospital of Rabat two days later. There, the little girl was prescribed symptomatic treatment, but to no avail. She succumbed to her illness a few hours later.

A survey conducted by the CPE Rabat executives revealed that the cause of her intoxication was the consumption of crisps.