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A Secret home for Smart Tonic glasses collection by Alain Afflelou

Written by Amal Asebriy

Meryem Alaoui Kacimi held up an optical designers eyewear pop up shop, the first of its kind in Morocco, on Thursday April 5. The artsy and embellished set up serves as the ‘Secret Home’ for the exclusive Smart Tonic glasses collection by Alain Afflelou. The innovative eyewear that claims to adapt to one’s lifestyle and desires.

The latest innovation of the brand Afflelou Paris offers glasses under a new light thanks to the innovative concept of progressive glasses! This lens is designed to adapt to all the desires and activities of everyday life thanks to an innovative magnetic process associated with ultralight frames and latest generation nylon lenses.

So in a fraction of a second, the glasses changes style or turns into shades, protects from reverberation or blue light, adapts to 3D technology or improves visibility when driving at night or in work that requires precision. An infinity of possibilities is offered to the wearer with each pair of glasses! This trendy collection for men and women of all ages will particularly appeal to customers looking for style, perfection and everyday practicality.