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A petition launched to remove the hashtag #Be-a-man

Written by FDM

The Women’s Tribune association is stepping up by launching an online petition demanding the removal of the misogynist hashtag #kounrajel (Be a man) urging men to forbid their “women to go out in indecent clothes”.

After the emergence of #Be_a_woman, a new initiative was born against the hashtag #Be-a-man. The Women’s Tribune Association, which promotes gender equality, has launched a petition on for the withdrawal of latter created on July 9.

“Considering the prejudice that #Be-a-man can create in society for it tackles the collective unconsciousness with religiosity and thus prompts guilt among individuals, and considering that the misogynous content of the hashtag is contrary to fundamental rights, the signatories ask for the law execution and thus the withdrawal of the hashtag #Be-a-man of social networks by virtue of the respect of the equality instituted by the Constitution of 2011 “, one can read on the petition which gathered more 700 signatures in less than 24 hours out of the 5,000 targeted.

And as the editors insist “this misogynistic incident is not a first in Morocco. Last year, a “militia” had taken up a beach in Agadir forcing women in bathing suits to cover themselves up, including foreign tourists”.
In short, a general frustration was expressed. Thus, the signatories also demand that ” the State applies, strengthens and protects the equality of Moroccan women and men by using coercive measures against any misogynistic act by radicalized individuals who, with complete impunity, grant themselves prerogatives under the regal missions”. Among them are Fathïa Bennis, President-Founder of Women’s Tribune, Selwa Benabdallah, Business Manager, Noureddine Saïl, Member of the Standing Committee on Education-Training for All and Accessibility and Inspector General of Philosophy at CSEFRS.

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