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A Moroccan specialty voted “best sandwich in the US”

Written by FDM

Crystal Schlueter won America’s Best Sandwich with a recipe inspired by her travels in Morocco.

In honor of America’s National Sandwich day, Nov. 3, Oroweat® Bread revealed Crystal Schlueter  as the $25,000 grand prize winner of the annual contest of America’s Better Sandwich in the Open-Faced Artistry category.

Her Moroccan rainbow carrot sandwich with spicy orange dressing, was mostly inspired by her travels in the Middle east as a military policewoman in the Navy. Schlueter claims to be specially familiar with Moroccan spices ” I’ve been playing around with Moroccan flavors for a couple of years,” she said. “I’m a big fan of harissa ( hot chili pepper paste) and love hummus.”

Being a home cook with no culinary background by any means, Schlueter loves to create new recipes that go with her instincts most of the times. When asked to explain how the vegetarian sandwich came together she said: “I was home from work for 30 minutes and saw the rainbow carrots in my refrigerator, put together with a few other things on bread and wrote it down real quick, then entered it later.”

The finalists are voted on by citizens and evaluated by a panel of qualified judges on three criteria: taste, creativity, and nutritional analysis.