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A “mobile olive oil analyzer” by Ilham Bouzida at the CES in Las Vegas 

Written by FDM

Nine Moroccan startups and project managers have experienced four intense days at CES in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12.  Two projects among them were conducted by women.

For its first participation, 9 startups representing the kingdom made it to the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. “Being among the first Moroccans who represented our country at the CES, which is still the international meeting place for electronics, is a great pride, ” stresses Ilham Bouzida, one of the two women to have been selected by the Mechatronic and Mechanical Electronic Cluster of Morocco (CE3M) and GIMAS to participate in this event in Las Vegas.

Ilham Bouzida participated with her ” mobile olive oil analyzer”. It is a system for knowing the contained acidity which eventually evaluates the oil’s quality. “Some oils are mixed with other products and they are not ‘extra virgin’ as some claim,”  affirms this project leader who was funded by the MAScIR Foundation.

According to Ilham, the team worked on this concept for a year. The idea of this invention sprung after a a big oil brand approached them and expressed one of their problems: wasting too much time analyzing the quality of olive oil from their farmers who were further away from their imposing equipment. The fine team then immerse themselves in research and experiments until they came up with a prototype measuring less than 30 cm which is both mobile,  easy and quick to use.

“Las Vegas was a wonderful experience for me because I was approached by companies asking to use our system to analyze the quality of olive oil in cosmetics or restaurants ,” she says. We had never thought about it because we focused on the national level.” Ilham Bouzida now sees big … very big!