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“A fragile poetry”, an exhibition in tribute to Leila Alaoui and Camille Lepage 

Written by FDM

The French Institute of Marrakech is inaugurating an moving exhibition from May 4 to July 28 he occasion of World Press Freedom Day on May 3. Indeed “Une fragile poésie” (A fragile poetry) pays tribute to two murdered young photographers: Leila Alaoui and Camille Lepage.

Photos shot by the murdered photojournalists, French Camille Lepage and French-Moroccan Leila Alaoui, were gathered in the exhibition “A fragile poetry”, inaugurated on May 3 at the French Institute of Marrakech which will also put forward their humanitarian commitment.

A wonderful commitment that had cost them their lives. Camille Lepage died in May 2014 while reporting on diamond mining in the Central African Republic. And Leila Alaoui in January 2016 in Burkina Faso, where she produced a series of images for Amnesty International. The first was 26 years old, the second 33, as recalls the French Institute of Marrakech in a statement, pointing out that the works of the two women are often difficult to watch, because they testify to tragedies.

Indeed, Camille Lepage focused on the difficult living conditions of the populations in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, and Leila Alaoui focused on the poor in Jordan and Morocco, as well as on Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Their images often display immigrants, dead, wounded, sick, crippled, and often children. A reality that is raw full of atrocities.

But inside the same reality. The two photojournalists have also managed to capture even in the middle of the chaos, brief moments of delicacy and fragile moments of poetry as the Institute describes, adding that they have captured the beauty in the most unexpected situations because that what their eyes behold.