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A couple heading to their wedding kicked off a United Airlines flight

Written by FDM

Only one week after violently dragging a paid passenger out,  United Airlines continues to drown in controversy.

This time a newly engaged American couple were expelled from a flight heading to Costa Rica where their wedding was being held.

According to reports, bride and groom Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell, from Utah were headed to their wedding in Costa Rica before they were kicked off their flight out of Houston on Saturday.

The reason you ask? they told the local television station KHOU that their seats were occupied by a man asleep. As many seats in the apparatus were empty, they then decided to sit three rows away.

“We thought not a big deal, it’s not like we are trying to jump up into a first-class seat,” Hohl told KHOU regarding the incident. “We were simply in an economy row a few rows above our economy seat.”

To his regret, the airline seems to consider Row 21 ( the one they were sat on ) “economy plus,” an upgrade. Subsequently, a flight attendant reportedly asked the two to return to their assigned seats. Which they did. but shortly afterwards, a sky marshal appeared asking the couple to get off.

“They said that we were being disorderly and a hazard to the rest of the flight, to the safety of the other customers,” said Hohl. However, United disagrees with this assessment, and provided the following statement:

« We’re disappointed anytime a customer has an experience that doesn’t measure up to their expectations. These passengers repeatedly attempted to sit in upgraded seating which they did not purchase and they would not follow crew instructions to return to their assigned seats. We’ve been in touch with them and have rebooked them on flights tomorrow. »

Last week, the same airline made headlines around the world with a recent video of 69-year-old Dr. David Dao being dragged violently off a United Express plane to make room for airline employees.

This time,  there are clearly two version of the story, but because of the outrageous incident that occurred last week, people can’t help but side with the couple.