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9th International Festival of Blind  Musicians kicked off in Tetouan

Written by FDM

The 9th edition of the International Festival of Blind Musicians kicked off on November 1st in Tetouan, with the participation of musical troupes representing Morocco, Spain, Japan, Egypt and Congo. Brazzaville.

The International Festival of Blind Musicians has just launched its 9th edition. Organized by the Louis Braille Association, the opening ceremony was marked by a tribute to the Moroccan musician, the late Ibrahim Chabani, one of the pioneering blind artists in Morocco. He was “a noble man by his ethics and artistic greatness,” as reported by journalist Rachid Sebahi.

On the program, musicians Abdelfattah Nigadi, Hafid Khassal and Mehdi Malakan, as well as the troupe Nour of the authentic heritage and the group Al Amine. Meanwhile, Foreign guest will include Blind SMS (Cameroon) and Nagham (Egypt), Joane Giress and Van Cardorel (Congo-Brazzaville), and pianists Ayaka (Japan) and Ruiz Galindo Esteban (Spain) ).

The International Festival of Blind Musicians also involves performing arts, round tables and two conferences on “General Accessibilities”, and “Law 65.15″ on the social care of social centers. A demonstration, as the provincial director of culture in Tetouan, Ahmed Yaalioui, described as ” exceptional and a great opportunity to meet and share for this category, which has left its mark on various dimensions, including music .”