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9addat, the inspiring podcast dedicated to women

Written by FDM

The 9addat podcast is presenting its new session of sharing knowledge, and skills for the start of the 2020 school year. Oumayma Zekri Ajarrai is the mastermind behind this project full of values that aims to support the ambitions of women.

9addat continues. Launched in 2019, the 9addat podcast has hosted over 200 people. Indeed, through this 9addat ( ‘capable women’ in English), we discover the journey and the stories of inspired and inspiring women from Morocco.

The initiator and producer of the podcast, Oumayma Zekri Ajarrai, offers audio interviews conducted over a long period of time to dissect, share and reveal the backstage of the lives of women entrepreneurs, artists, actresses from civil society, researchers…. Among them, Oum, Latifa El Bouhsini, Aida Hachad, or Hanae Bezad who affirms that “you have to follow your intuitions and know how to escape the system.”

The guests recall the challenges they had to face, the convictions that drove them as well as the doubts that they came across which most likely resonate with a lot of listeners.

For this comeback, new knowledge and skills sharing sessions are scheduled weekly and will be led by Moroccan professionals who are experts and confirmed in their fields. The first workshop is announced on September 23 on “Managing the Mental Load and Finding a Work-Life Balance”. In short, this is definitely a must-listen!