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9-year-old Moroccan wins Arabic reading challenge in Germany

Written by FDM

Morocco’s Firdaous Bouzeryouh, 9, has just won the Arabic reading challenge in Germany, qualifying stage in the category of students from communities settled in non-Arab countries to reach the final phase scheduled soon in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

After Moroccan Meryem Amjoune had won the 2018 edition of Arabic reading challenge, another Moroccan has just won a qualifying stage: Firdaous Bouzeryouh came first in Germany, in the category of students from communities settled in the non-Arab countries.

Faced with 23 other participants, the 9-year-old Moroccan, who represents the Ecole de l’Amitié, made the difference. ” I read a lot of books in Arabic that opened my mind and immersed me in incredible worlds,” said the girl. Reading made me visit many places and helped to overcome stage fright and be surer of myself. And to continue: “I was born in Germany, but I visited Morocco also by reading books on the Kingdom and the Moroccan traveler Ibn Battouta,” adding that she dreams of visiting the International Book Fair of Casablanca to meet the great Moroccan writers.

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