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7th edition of OncoHighlights tackles innovation and precision medicine 

Written by FDM

Roche Laboratories organized the 7th edition of OncoHighlights from January 29 to 30, a major event in the field of cancerology.

Despite the new context, the 7th edition of OncoHighlights has indeed taken place, onsite, and virtual 3D simulation. The aim is to highlight a summary of novelties in oncology, create an opportunity for Moroccan doctors and experts to discuss with international experts from several disciplines, and take stock of daily clinical practice in Morocco (medical oncology, radiotherapy, radiology, anatomo-pathology, and surgery), especially in times of health crisis, as the organizer, Les Laboratoires Roche, explained in a press release.

In Morocco, according to the latest statistics, cancer is the second leading cause of death. According to Globocan 2020, its national annual incidence rate is estimated at 59,370 new cases of cancer per year, including 30,199 new cases in women and 29,171 new cases in men. Breast cancer ranks first among women (38.9%). In men, lung cancer occupies 1 st place with 22.3%.