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60.6% of students reduced their study time during lockdown (HCP)

Written by FDM

60.6% of pupils or students spent less time studying during the period of lockdown, as revealed by the High Commission for Planning (HCP).

Studying was not the student’s favorite pastime during lockdown. According to the High Commission for Planning (HCP), 60.6% of pupils or students spent less time studying.

This proportion is higher among boys (65.3%) than girls (55.8%), urban dwellers (69.8%) and rural dwellers (56.4%) and in the public sector (62.8%) than private (46.1%), according to the HCP that released a note on social relations in the context of the covid-19 pandemic – 2nd panel of the impact of the coronavirus on the economic, social and psychological situation of households.
This proportion reaches 70% in middle school, 66.3% in primary school, 45.7% in secondary, 49.6% in vocational training and 39.6% in higher education, adds the same source, noting that 9.9% of pupils or students spend more time in these activities, 11.5% in urban areas and 6,4% in rural areas, 24.4% in secondary and 15.6% in higher education.
Concretely, pupils and students at the age of 15 and over spent an average of 3:01 minutes per day on studies and / or training, 3 hours 18 minutes for women and 2 hours 44 minutes for men. This time decreased by 01h36mn (1h35mn for men and 01h48mn for women) compared to a normal day before lockdown.