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 4th edition of the female raid Sahraouiya kicks off

Written by FDM

70 women from all over Morocco and several countries scattered around the world began the first sporting events of the all-women “Sahraouiya” solidarity raid organized until February 10th in Dakhla.

8 km of trail at the seaside, canoeing and mountain biking, these are the challenges that await the 35 teams (of two) participating in the first day of this 4th edition of  women’s raid ” Sahraouiya” organized until February 10 in Dakhla.

At the kickoff given the day before by the Wali of the Dakhla Oued Edahab region, and all the local authorities, the 70 women coming from all over Morocco, Canada, France, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa came together to discover the city and the culture of southern provinces, including a visit to the Dakhla handicraft complex, the media library that houses the small museum of Saharan heritage, and an association catering for people with disabilities.

The ” Sahraouiya” challenge allows all committed women to live a unique experience, combining sport, emotion and discovery, while supporting actions and personalities working for solidarity and women’s empowerment. Each evening, a focus is made on each association represented in the event. Sponsorship, include that of the godmother Aicha Ech-Chenna  from the Solidarité féminine association, as well as Angelle Kwemo, general manager of the Washington Media group and founder of Believe in Africa and Stéphanie Fugain, president of the association Laurette Fugain wich fights leukemia.