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The 490 collective obtains the Prix Simone-de-Beauvoir for women’s freedom 2020

Written by FDM

The collective 490 has just won the Simone-de-Beauvoir Prize for women’s freedom. The prize will be awarded in Paris on January 9 to Leila Slimani, Sonia Terrab, and Karima Nadir, representatives of the Collective.

Comprised of men and women, the collective 490 had previously denounced in a manifesto the law (article 490) which punishes sexual intercourse out wedlock.

Initiated by the writer Leila Slimani and the director Sonia Terrab, the Manifesto attracted more than 15,000 signers, who had revealed their identity by signing their name and declaring themselves publicly outlawed. The Manifesto thus gave birth to a citizen movement carried by female and male voices.

In the wake of this movement for women’s freedoms, the campaign “Love is not a crime” was launched in December and is also part of the context of obstinate individual freedoms of which women are the big victims.

As a reminder, the Simone-de-Beauvoir Prize, created twelve years ago, is awarded annually to personalities who defend and advance women’s freedom.