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“30 Melyoun” comedy film to premiere tonight in Casablanca

Written by FDM

Moroccan director Rabii Shajid will be presenting a new comedy “30 Melyoun”. Combining humor and incredible adventures, this feature film presents an original casts, bringing together Moroccan comedians, singers and actors.

The public will meet Driss & Mehdi, Yassar, Ibtissam Tiskat, Karima Gouit, Fati Jamali, Rabii Kati, Rafik Boubker, Nabil Attif, and Fatma Bouhane all in one plot.

“30 Melyoun” tells the story of three inseparable friends: Sami (Yassar), Zouhair (Driss) and Hicham (Mehdi). Three young men, who decided to stop the car one evening to smoke a joint. When a police car approaches them, Sami who was at the driver’s seat panics and throws the butt, which falls right next to the badly closed tank of the police car… the vehicle catches fire and Sami is taken to prison.

With the help of his lawyer (and childhood love… ) Nisrine ( Faty Jamali ), he can get away with it provided that he pays a deposit of DH 300,000. Feeling guilty about what happened to their friend, Hicham and Zouhair decide to do everything to collect the money, with the help of Amal ( Karima Gouit ), Hicham’s fiancée, and Sarah (Ibtissam Tiskat),  Zouhair’s wife. An adventure thus begins full of twists and delusional situations. Will they succeed?

Distributed by Canal4, “30 Melyoun” will be screened from February 5 in theaters in Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, Tangier, Fez, and Tétouan.