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2M unveils its “Charter for Handicap”

Written by FDM

In light of the International Day of People with Disabilities, celebrated each year on December 3, 2M unveiled its “Handicap Charter” which aims to improve the visibility of PWDs (People with Disabilities) and to emphasize the role played by the company in their professional integration.

“The way the media portray disability can help raise public awareness of the realities faced by people with disabilities, deconstruct stereotypes, and promote the roles of PWD in society. As a public utility media, we have a role to play in terms of changing mentalities”, specifies Khadija Boujanoui, president of the Parity and Diversity Committee of 2M.

Indeed, this charter is structured around 6 main axes relating to the commitments of 2M as a citizen media and responsible company. As a citizen media, the channel is committed to ensuring better visibility of people with disabilities by highlighting their backgrounds and raising awareness of the constraints and challenges they face. 2M also works to normalize disability by presenting it in a positive and inclusive way. And in order to support the change of mentalities, 2M ensures to develop partnerships with civil society and to raise awareness of non-degrading terms and attitudes in order to deconstruct stereotypes, myths, and clichés that tend to perpetuate negative images.

As a responsible company, 2M has issued a number of recommendations in line with its policy of diversity, equal opportunities, and the fight against all forms of discrimination. Thus, the channel is committed to respecting and promoting the rights of people with disabilities within the company, in particular by guaranteeing their access to job interviews, and by providing them with the conditions necessary for their professional development. 2M is also committed to facilitating the integration of disabled people, in particular by making the premises and means of communication accessible to employees with disabilities.

Through this charter, 2M fosters the ambition to contribute to changing society’s view of people with disabilities. A participatory approach invites to create a positive ripple effect with other media.