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22 beaches labeled Blue Flag for 2019 

Written by FDM

The international label Blue Flag sign of environmental quality has been awarded, this summer, to 21 beaches and a marina in Morocco.

Out of 42 candidate beaches in Morocco, 21 beaches and a marina have been awarded the Blue Flag 2019. The label has been awarded by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment presided over by Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasna and the Foundation. Environmental Education (FEE), based on four criteria of protection and preservation of the environment, namely water, and environmental management, waste management, environment awareness, and the general environment.

Thus, the beaches of Achakar (Tangier-Asilah), Ba-kacem (Tangier-Asilah), Skhirate, Bouznika, Haouzia, Cape Beddouza, Safi city, Souiria lkdima-Safi, Essaouira, Imintourga (Mireleft), Aglou Sidi Moussa, Sidi Ifni, Foum loued-Laayoune, Oum labouir-Dakhla, El Moussafir-Dakhla will be able to hoist the Blue Flag, as the beaches of Sidi Kankouch-Fahs Anjra, Oued Aliane, Dalia-Fahs Anjra, Oued Laou-Tetouan, Tiznit Arekmane (Nador), as well as the tourist resort of Saïdia and its marina.