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2018 World Cup: Brazilian reporter tells off a supporter who tries to kiss her

Written by FDM

A big manifestation like the 2018 World Cup surely has its share of sexist incidents. While covering the World Cup in Russia, a Brazilian reporter shuts down a supporter who tries to forcefully kiss her.

Shocking scene. While  journalist Julia Guimarães covered the pre-game between the team of Japan and Senegal in Yekaterinburg, a supporter tries to kiss her on the cheek. A gesture that aroused her
indignation by this joke of very bad taste. The reporter firmly told off the young man with a lecture on good manners and what should not be done to a woman.” This is not polite” she is seen mouthing off mic to the supporter, “I do not allow you to do this. Never again.” It is unclear wether the young man apologized or not.

The reporter took to her Twitter to express her anger. “It’s hard to find words … Luckily, I have never experienced that in Brazil. Here [in Russia] it has happened twice. Sad ! Shameful!” She wrote, with a video post.

Indeed, this is the second incident of its kind in this World Cup. On June 14, another reporter was subjected to similar behavior. Colombian Julieth Gonzalez Theran was sexually assaulted by  another “supporter” when she was live in the “fan zone” of the city of Saransk. The crazy fan planted a kiss on the young woman’s cheek and groped her breast without her consent .