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2017 Andalussyat festival to celebrate the association’s 60th anniversary 

Written by FDM

From December 13th to 16th, the “Andalussyat” Festival is re-enlisting for a new edition celebrating the association’s 60th anniversary  with an eclectic program in three cities: Rabat, Casablanca and El Jadida. A press conference was held yesterday.

Initiated by the Association  des Amateurs de la Musique Andalouse in Morocco with the help of the province of El Jadida, this festival aims to highlight the Andalusian art in all its splendor.

The  2017 Andalussyat festival will take place over 4 days: December 13th at the Mohamed V Theater in Rabat, December 14th and 15th at the Megarama in Casablanca, December 14th at Théâtre A in El Jadida and December 16th at Mazagran-El Jadida.

These festive evenings are punctuated by conferences designed to inform and discuss this key piece of our heritage that is Andalusian music with the presence of great masters from here and elsewhere.

It is  also the opportunity to host artists and groups from Spain, France, Algeria and Tunisia, “from Spain, because it is the cradle of what has become our common heritage, from France, in light of the growing interest of several artists in Andalusian music, Algeria and Tunisia due to the sharing, under other names of our common heritage, whether gharnatie music or maalouf.” Said Pr Azzedine Kettani, President of the association.