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1,865 additional beneficiaries of direct aid to widows

Written by FDM

Since the lockdown entered into force, 1,993 applications for direct assistance to widows have been made. 1,865 were accepted.

1,865 requests for direct assistance to widows were accepted, as announced by Jamila El Moussali, Minister of Solidarity, Social Development, Equality, and the Family, during her speech in the House of Representatives, as noted in the daily newspaper Aujourd’hui le Maroc.

In detail, there were 869 widows at the end of April, 729 at the end of May, 189 in June, and 78 in early July. Thus, these women in a precarious situation and providers of their children, received, or will receive, a monthly amount of 350 Dhs for each child, provided that the total of this aid doesn’t exceed 1050 Dhs per month for a single family. Since the launch of this operation in February 2015, 2 billion and 373 MDH were paid.