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18,422 requests for marriage of minors accepted in 2018 in Morocco 

Written by FDM

These figures are still alarming: 33,686 requests for marriages of minors were filed in 2018 in Morocco among which 18,422 were accepted, as indicated by the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office …

The number of marriages of minors remains high in Morocco. 33,686 applications were filed in 2018 and 18,422 were accepted, according to data from the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

A peak of applications was recorded between July and September with 12,876 filings, which allowed 7,315 of them to pass. In 2011, the phenomenon was more widespread: 39,031 notified acts as revealed by the Ministry of Justice.

But what does the law say? According to Article 20 of the Family Code, “the family judge in charge of the marriage may authorize the marriage of the boy and the girl before the age of the planned capacity, namely 18 years, by reasoned decision specifying the interest and the reasons justifying the marriage, after having heard the parents of the minor or their legal representative, and after engaging with a medical expertise or proceeded to a social inquiry”.

But what do these early marriages mean concretely ? They are often synonymous with domestic violence as well as early pregnancy. As a result, the minor wives give up on schools and make abandon their dreams …