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11th edition of Fes festival of Sufi culture kicked off with “Ode to Mystical Women”

Written by FDM

 An original artistic creation, entitled “Ode aux femmes mystiques” (Ode to Mystical Women), kicked off the 11th edition of the Fes Festival of Sufi Culture.

A tribute to Sufi women, represented by Rabia Al Adaouia, the mystic and Sufi Muslim poet. This performance gathered, Saturday evening at the sumptuous site of Bab Al Makina, artists Carole Latifa Ameer, Leili Anvar, Francoise Atlan, Bahaa Ronda , Driss Berrada and the Rhoum El Bakkali Ensemble of Hadra Chefchaounia.

Throughout this artistic creation, which has been imagined by three women from East and West (Françoise Atlan, Carole Latifa Ameer and Leili Anvar), the artists evoked with eloquence and poetic verve the life of Rabia al Adaouia, Iraqi woman of the 8th century and prominent figure of Sufism.

Coming from different horizons, the artists have bewitched attendees , throughout a nocturnal musical journey, by authentic and sublime artistic paintings and songs reflecting the refinement and delicacy of a rich and varied universal heritage.

Before a cosmopolitan public, singers and musicians from here and elsewhere presented a musical show combining Sufi songs, Gharnatis, Arab-Andalusian and Hadra Chefchaounia under a thunderous applause from the former.

Placed under the theme ” presence of Sufism ”, the 11th edition of the festival of Sufi culture will shed light on the place of great authors of Sufism such as Ibn Arabi, Rumi, Jami or Al Jili in the world of Today, contemporary writers and thinkers – such as Mohammed Iqbal – imbibed the teaching of these great masters and their current contributions, but also on the presence of women from Rabia to the present day within this culture of Islam.

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