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More than 113,000 students in Fez benefit from the royal initiative “one million school bags”

Written by FDM

In Fez, nearly 113,664 students, including 57,562 girls, benefited from the royal initiative “one million school bags”.

The royal initiative “one million school bags” benefited nearly 113,664 students in Fez. Among them, 106,070 children are enrolled in urban areas and 7,594 in rural areas.

This year, the initiative concerns 111,071 children enrolled in primary and 2,593 in high school, including 57,562 girls, according to statistics presented at the launch this weekend by the prefectural director of education, Zoheir Chehbi. Also, some 3,890 students, including 1,909 girls, will benefit from the solar canteen.

As a reminder, the operation “one million schoolbags” was launched by King Mohammed VI in 2008 and is renewed every year since. This initiative is part of efforts to reform and rehabilitate the education system.

(With MAP)