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“1000 Fikra” and “50 Sprints”: Two Afriquia initiatives to develop entrepreneurship 

Written by FDM

After a successful pilot phase that saw the emergence of 30 promising projects, Afriquia launched “1000 Fikra”, an original, inclusive and national program. Free and open to all, this program aims to convert 1000 ideas into 1000 companies.

Launched by Afriquia, “1000 Fikra” is a program of development, training, support, and financing, which aims to convert 1000 ideas into 1000 companies. This program is also free, open to any Moroccan carrying a viable entrepreneurship idea, without the condition of diploma or experience.

This program for young people with ideas and projects will be offered in the 12 regions of the Kingdom. The program will be managed by the “Maak” foundation created by Afriquia.
Afriquia is also launching “50 Sprints”, an acceleration program for Moroccan startups carrying innovative projects with strong growth potential at the national and international levels and which are in a growth phase.