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Yan&One to launch Street By Yan&One, a unique beauty concept store

Written by FDM

Yan&One continues to play with the codes of beauty and announces the launch of Street By Yan&One, a new beauty store concept in Casablanca, on avenue 2 Mars.

With the conviction that beauty is part of our daily life, the lifestyle brand has developed a new vision of the shopping experience to get out of the big arteries of fashion and settle closer to women and men.

There was born Street By Yan&One: a real beauty area downstairs, around the corner, where everyone can find their favorite products as well as the latest trends.

With the aim of staying close to beauty addicts, Street By Yan&One invites them into a service area for a flash makeup session in the morning when leaving their home, or in the evening before dinner, or even personalized skincare advice.

With a full range of make-up, skincare, perfumes, scents, rituals, teas, and fashion, Street By Yan&One offers products at affordable prices and with impeccable quality, following the brand’s promise: to make beauty accessible to as many people as possible. !

The prowess of this new concept store is also to offer more than 25 brands and 1,300 different products. It is, therefore, a varied offer that will allow you to live the original beauty experience.

Street By Yan&One, which enriches the store’s network of stores, is based on a unique model: a reduced surface area, from 50 to 100 m2, and a presence in all the districts of small, medium and large cities in Morocco. The new store on avenue 2 Mars is, therefore, the first in many more. Openings will be announced very soon.