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Wet hairstyle: Choose the one for yourself 

Written by FDM

2018 is the year of wet hairstyles. From celebs on the international scene to your typical female colleague, everyone continues to rock the smooth and sculpted look with textured, pulled back hair or glossy updos.

The look turned in full craze in late summer 2017, thanks to Kim Kardashian West and the Hadid sisters. It started out with slicked-back ponytails to take various forms over time. And as everyone already admits, it could be hard to resist a smooth and chic hair look when in need of sophistication.

While it’s easy to recreate, it’s still a little tricky to know where to start. Just because it’s a wet look, doesn’t mean your hair should actually be wet, but rather on the damp side. But how do we achieve the perfect balance of dampness and moisture? Is it gel? Mousse? Pomade?. Here are a few tips for different types of looks:

Sleek pulled back hair:

Wet beachy waves:

Naturally Curly: