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#TheySaid: the hashtag that condems body shaming

Written by FDM

Social media users are using #TheySaid hashtag to recall their experiences with body shaming comments and the long-lasting impact they were left with.

Too small, too big, too tall, too much makeup … Such comments on the physical appearance of women, dubbed body shaming, have been making the rounds for years, every woman must have heard them from the mouths of strangers or even relatives.

To denounce these criticisms, a hashtag was born: #TheySaid. It all started with a tweet by Sally Bergesen, creator of the sportswear brand “Oiselle”, in which she recalled being body shamed by her father when she was 12 years old using the hashtag.

Sally Bergesen then invites users to share the hurtful comments they may have experienced during their lifetime, accompanied by the #TheySaid hasthtag. Very quickly, the retweets multiplied. Hundreds have used the opportunity to speak out against body shaming..

The hashtag gained immense responses that a few hours later, Sally Bergesen launched another hasthag: #SheReplied (She replied). This time, to share the possible answers to these physical insults:

Overall, the campaign was a success and the tweet continues to gain attention even weeks after its creation.