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The first black Saudi beauty vlogger is changing stereotypes 

Written by FDM

She is dark-skinned, she is Saudi and a beauty blogger. Abeer Sinder has over 123,000 followers on Instagram and roughly 40,000 subscribers to her Youtube channel.

But the young woman who is a fourth generation Saudi with roots in west Africa  wishes to change things through her beauty blog.

Abeer Sinder says she is often complimented for her beauty, but the compliments are tinged with racism: « When people tell me that I am beautiful for a black person intending to compliment me, I think they are not aware that it is an Insult to me and a whole race. (…) I think Arabs are usually racist out of ignorance « she explains in an interview with the BBC.

She continues: « In the Arab world, it’s very rare to see a black beauty representative in the media or on TV. This effects the self esteem of many girls from a young age making them believe that beauty is synonymous to fair skin and straight hair. »

In Saudi Arabia,  black people represent a minority, only 10% of Saudis are of African descent. Through her blog, the young women wishes above all to influence black Saudi girls and incite them to embrace their color and let them know that there is no such thing as « black BUT beautiful ».