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The election of new Miss USA sparks debate

Written by FDM

This Sunday, May 15, America has chosen its new beauty queen. Kara McCullough, Miss District of Columbia, whose election sparked debate on social networks.

On Sunday, May 15, 2017, Kara McCullough entered the history of the United States. This pretty 25 years-old woman, crowned Miss USA 2017, quickly stood out to both the judges and viewers with her opinions.

When asked about health care for U.S. citizens and wether she thinks it is a right or a privilege,
When asked whether she thinks affordable health care for U.S. citizens is a privilege or a right, McCullough answered privilege, which some viewers disagreed with.

And when it comes to feminism, the young woman said she likes to « transpose » feminism to « equalism, » and that she doesn’t want to be labeled as ‘anti-men’, sparking even more outrage from those who define feminism as the fight for equality and not women’s superiority over men.

McCullough works as a scientist for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. She previously held the title of Miss SC State University 2012-2013 with the platform “Keep Your Coins, Inspire for Change ».