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Renault’s nail polish promotion for Twingo met with criticism  

Written by FDM

The manufacturer Renault has just released a nail polish that meets the so-called expectations of women, the Twingo Nail Polish.

Blue, red, black and light yellow, these are the four colors of the new product called The Twingo Nail Polish launched by Renault, in partnership with De Blangy, designer specializing in cosmetics.

The polish « for lady drivers » is offered in shades that match the body colors available on the automaker’s Twingo minicars. « This nail polish allows proud owners to coordinate their nails with the color of their car, » Renault said in a press release. And it could also touch up minor bodywork scratches. Understood: women are unable to park without scratching their car.

Some social media users and women’s rights campaigners were quick to react. They didn’t appreciates the « degrading » portrayal of women that « reduces women to their beauty concerns and their inability to drive » said Marie-Noelle Bas, the head of the French feminist collective Chiennes de Garde.

To their defense, Renault released a statement ensuring that the polish was « not meant for exclusive use by women. The main objective is to make life easier for our clients, whether male or female. »

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