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Morocco’s Nisrine El Kettani elected “Miss Arab Veil 2018”

Written by FDM

“Miss Arab Veil 2018” took place in Cairo, Egypt on Sunday March 4th. Among the 15th participants, it was Moroccan Nisrine El Kettani who took the crown home.

Nisrine El Kettani, PhD student, becomes the second Moroccan to win this competition since it was first created in 2014. The second runner-up was also a Moroccan, Ilham Bouaadass while the first runner-up was the Egyptian Mayada Mohamed.

Several criterias are taken into consideration for the selection of “Miss Arab Veil”. Beauty, academic level, general culture level and the social project they had to suggest are among them, according to Akhbar Alyaoum. The winning card of Nisrine El Kettani was apparently that of proposing an NGO project to fight against sexual harassment and violence suffered by Arab women, witch won over the jury.

The ceremony took place in a prestigious Cairo hotel and was attended by different personalities from the world of fashion and beauty, including Moroccan designer Saida Lhamidi.


المغربية نسرين الكتاني تفوز بلقب ملكة المحجبات العرب 2018 في ختام عربي مميز ملكية فكرية د نهي حمديالشركة المنظمة برايت فيوتشر

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