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Moroccan Hanane El Khader ranked 5th most beautiful woman in the world

Written by FDM

The young lady has just been ranked fifth among the top 100 beautiful women of the world!

Top Beauty Wold, which is based in the United States, recently dropped its list of the world’s 100 most beautiful women of 2016 in which Hanane El Khader, 22 years-old Moroccan singer, has been ranked 5th.

The Moroccan singer and actress was revealed to the public through her participation in Star Academy, a pan-Arab televised singing show, where she made it to the semifinals.

Besides, Hanane El Khader has other experiences in the small screen. She was recently shooting an Amazigh series that is expected to broadcast during the month of Ramadan. This will be her second acting role after filming in a foreign series in 2010.

The list puts three other Arab women on the spotlight; Algerian singer Souhila Ben Lachhab came in at No. 33 and Egyptian singer Haidy Moussa came in at No. 38.

Other international celebrities include Angelina Jolie (11th), Selena Gomez (6th) and Taylor Swift (13th), all were downgraded by Hanane El Khader.

Five other Turkish stars were on the list including Tuba Büyüküstün (17th), Maryam Ozerli (40th), Hazal Kaya (80th) Fahriye Evcen (84th) and Serenay Sarıkaya (88th).