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Miss Iraq’s family fled the country following death threats

Written by FDM

Following the outrage that Miss Iraq selfie has stirred on social networks, her family has reportedly fled their country after receiving death threats.

When competing in the Miss Universe competition last month, the Iraqi Queen received intense backlash after posting a photo on Instagram alongside Miss Israel, preaching peace and love.
A photo that has created an uproar on social networks, dividing opinions between pro Israel and pro Palestine.

Despite her excuses, Sarah Idan is threatened in her country, as is her family. Indeed, according to reports, Idan’s family in Iraq began to receive death threats and consequently fled the country. The beauty queen, who already resided in the United States,confirmed to The Independent that her family fearing for their safety. She did not reveal where her family was hiding, nor how long they would stay there.

Despite the controversy, Miss Iraq didn’t take the photo down,  writing: “I want to stress that the purpose of the picture was only to express hope and desire for peace between the two countries.”

Idan was the first contestant to represent her country at the international beauty pageant in 45 years.