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Miss Algeria violently criticized for her skin color

Written by FDM

A new Miss Algeria was elected on January 4th, 2019. Khadidja Benhamou took the title away overcoming 13 other finalists, however the new Miss is not having it easy following her election. Benhamou is having a hard time enjoying her new title. Since her election, the young woman has been the victim of racist judgment and comments on Algeria’s social networks.  The   reason behind the backlash seems to be her ‘black’ skin.

After ten years of withhold, the election of Miss Algeria is resuming again. And for the first time since 2013, the title goes to a woman from the Adrar region, in the south of the country. An election that sparked an uproar among netizens and the Algerian press, as the latter failed to deliver an unbiased and racism-free report of the election.

For her defense, Miss Algeria responded to her haters by saying she is proud to belong to the great south of Algeria and by stating that physical appearance is only one of several criteria in the choice of Miss Algeria, among others like general culture, charisma …