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Mattel launches a black Barbie in a wheelchair 

Written by FDM

In light of Barbie’s 60th birthday, Mattel, the doll giant launched a black Barbie with an afro in a wheelchair.

After launching a doll in a wheelchair last February and another with a prosthetic leg, now designers have taken things a step further by creating a black Barbie with natural hair in a wheelchair as an attempt to more inclusivity.

According to Mattel’s vice president, Kim Culmone, “wheelchair Barbie” was one of the most requested items by customers. It’s enough to remind children that beauty is about diversity and difference and that nothing is more beautiful than being yourself.

The newcomer to the Barbie galaxy was warmly welcomed. She is also entitled to her own ramp to access her “dream house”. Other past additions include a hijab-wearing Barbie, as well as a range of differently shaped dolls to reflect real body types.