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L’Oréal Morocco helps restore cancer patients’ confidence and self-esteem

Written by FDM

“Socio-aesthetic” program by L’Oréal Morocco in partnership with the “Lalla Salma Foundation-Prevention and Treatment of Cancers” continues in Marrakech and Fez to reconcile cancer patients with their mirror.

The “socio-aesthetic” program pursues in Marrakech and Fez carrying the same conviction: changing the lives of cancer patients by helping them regain self-confidence. The famous brand offers beauty treatments (facials, massages, manicures or makeup) to women suffering from cancer, while taking into account their pathology, the changes caused by treatments, and physical and psychological deterioration.

Appearance and self-esteem are intimately linked. Illness and precariousness can lead to exclusion. It is in this sense that the program, says a statement from L’Oréal Morocco, provides a solution, including “restore the appearance to restore dignity, confidence and self-esteem, a first step towards reintegration” .

Because the disease and the treatments, often aggressive, weaken both the body and the mind, with consequences especially on the skin, the multidisciplinary teams offer patients relaxation treatments, as well as personalized tips to minimize the side effects of cancer treatments as in choosing cosmetics or correctors adapted from their brand La Roche-Posay, leader of dermo-cosmetics, or by teaching them aesthetic techniques to apply makeup on eyelashes, eyebrows or scars.

To provide this program, which began three years ago in Morocco, L’Oréal organized a second training session. For a week, seven trainers from the CODES school in France (Cours D’Esthétique with humanitarian and social aim) came to Marrakech to train six new “socio-beauticians” who will be deployed in oncology centers at the Marrakech and Fez hospitals to provide adapted care to those women who want to maintain their femininity despite the illness.