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Glow in the dark with newest hair trend “Phoenix Neon Glowing hair”

Written by FDM

Rainbow hair dye craze is apparently not going anywhere, nor can it cease to amaze. From tie-and-dye to galaxy hair, we can almost admit that we’ve seen it all.

The latest technicolor trend that you probably can’t skip if you stumble upon it is called “Phoenix  Hair”.  Where basically multicolored locks glow in the dark! what more could you ask for really!

Created by the man behind many new hair trends, celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang. The name of his new creation refers to the phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from its ashes, and the result is as sparkling as flames. Perfect way to get yourself noticed in the evening…

To achieve the black-light-ready look, Tang used Kenra Professionals Color Creative Neon Collection, letting the color transition from “fuchsia” to a “fiery concoction.”

In this YouTube video, shared on Novembre 2016 and counts more 1.5 million views, Guy Tang unveiled the hair coloring process of young Angelica Salek and explained it step by step.