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Frida Kahlo’s retouched face in this ad sparks criticism

Written by FDM

A true emblem of women’s freedom, artist Frida Kahlo’s single eyebrow is untouchable.

A new make-up collection from the Ulta Beauty brand pays tribute to artist Frida Kahlo with the message: “Never apologize for who you are”. Yet, this did not stop the brand from retouching the photo to make her face appear whiter and reduce the Mexican painter’s notorious monobrow.

The ad immediately provoked negative reactions on social networks. Not only are touch-ups pointed out, but other netizens also criticized the fact of erecting the anti-capitalism artist and “the daughter of the revolution”, as she called herself, as a symbol of a makeup brand listed on the stock market.

“Frida Kahlo was a communist who fought against capitalism, she would be rolling in her grave knowing that Ulta has a collection after her” one Twitter user pointed out.

Last year, a similar reaction was sparked when a whiter doll with Frida Khalo’s face and without monobrow was released.

The Ultra Beauty brand is yet to react to this controversy.