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Five essentials you absolutely need in your makeup kit!

Written by FDM

There’s no need to stuff your purse with a full makeup bag that often contains products you never use or almost never will.

For a nice discrete  every day makeup, allyou need is a few basic products to doll up for every occasion. Here are the five essentials to keep in her beauty kit:

Concealer: it is no secret, dark circles are among the worst enemies of women … They tarnish the look and give a tired appearance to the face. The concealer is the little magic touch that gives your complexion a sparkle can even correct some small imperfections.

Mascara: This is another essential beauty product! The Mascara illuminates both eyes and lengthens the eyelashes. It is preferable to opt for the waterproof kind. As for the shade, opt for a black that adapts to the different colors of the eyes. For more comfort and an even more natural look, transparent mascara would be an ideal alternative.

Corrector: Contrary to the foundation, the corrector guarantees a natural effect in addition to the good-looking effect. Its main assets? : Cover the small imperfections (buttons, dark circles and fine lines …), and to unify the complexion. Do not hesitate to choose a skin corrector or even a BB cream, of lighter texture and less sticky, of the same color as your skin tone.

 Moisturizing lipstick: For a natural make-up, think of a moisturizing lipstick and avoid the glosses at all costs. Prefer nude colors (beige, peach, coral, iridescent rosé …) for subtle lips.

Multi-purpose brush: Ideal to fine-tune but also to apply your makeup products especially those with a creamy texture, foam and / or powder, it also allows to reduce small defects and guarantees a perfect finish.