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Charcoal hair color is trending 

Written by FDM

Get ready to welcome a new trend of hair colors, because rainbow hair is long gone!

Something between black, blue and gray, that is the new color of « Charcoal » which is the latest hair trend blowing Instagram feed. So we leave the ultra colored universe of  » leopard hair  » and other  » confetti hair  » to dive into a dark and mysterious style. A much more wearable everyday look than previous trends, this anthracite color with 50 shades of gray is a perfect antidote to the ultra pop.

How to create the look? Colorist Maayan Birnstein explained to Allure magazine :  » the balance between blue and gray is really the key « , the important thing is therefore to « neutralize the orange reflections » to bring out the cold reflections for almost iridescent and better results.

So, will you give it a try?