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Cadum comes up with a new formula and packaging  

Written by FDM

Cadum, the childhood shampoo of many, has inaugurated yesterday a new phase of its history. 

In light of the 60th anniversary of the Colgate Palmolive Group, Cadum designed a completely renewed bottle – after 10 years of unchanged packaging – whose current design illustrates the performance and the sense of innovation, two features that are essential to it.

Sophisticated, the packaging retains the emblematic icon of the mother and her child, whose image has made of the shampoo a recognizable symbol among all. Cadum also promises to keep its natural and effective formula, offering an ideal mix for modern and traditional women.

Containing ingredients like eggs, Argan oil, ghassoul, avocado oil and even the royal jelly the new Cadum responds to all profiles and aspirations: for the woman who is looking for high-performance cosmetics, without damaging her hair with chemicals.