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A five year old, giving makeup tutorials

Written by Souad El Mghari

A whole debate has been raised since a video of a five-year-old girl doing a makeup tutorial went viral.

Danna Gomez is a sweet five year old, who just like all little girls her age loves to emulate her mommy, go through her makeup cases, and try some products on (we all did that). However, in the case of Danna, not only does she imitate an adult woman, but she talks and acts like one, and her “fun time with makeup” was recorded on camera by her aunt, and is unfortunately out there on the Internet, for the whole world to see, and judge.

Seeing how she talks, and explains every move and choice in her videos, the girl is clearly used to watching makeup tutorials. And as much as she is adorable and endearing, many have expressed their disapproval of such behavior from someone her age. But the question here remains, whether people don’t agree with the fact that a five year old puts make up on, or if what really bothers them is that it was posted on Youtube.

Are we simply set in our ways, and expect today’s little girls to just play with dolls, as we used to do at their age, because that is all there was to do actually? Or is this little girl really missing out on her childhood by acting as an adult woman by putting makeup on and blogging?