#Caftan2015: Nicolas Cage at the front row of Caftan

The 19th edition of Caftan saw the presence of the one and only superstar; Nicolas Cage. Let’s take you through his special visit with the photo gallery below.

At 7:30 PM on Saturday April the 11th, when the event was about to commence, Nicolas Cage, who happens to be shooting his upcoming movie in Marrakech, arrives at Caftan with a couple of people from his team.

An hour before the show, this Hollywood star expresses his desire to checkout the runway show’s backstage, and meet the organizers; Femmes Du Maroc, Caractères Events, and the participating fashion designers, as well.

1st stop; Caftan’s VIP room, where the designers and the performing artists of the night watch the show. Curious, and mainly warm, Nicolas Cage is talking about the caftan, high fashion, and expresses his admiration for the Moroccan culture.

And when we suggest that he has an exclusive look at the beautiful caftans that were about to walk down the runway, the actor accepts right away. Looking at the collections from close, Mr.Cage is complementing the designs, the intricate work… He simply seemed as if he were in his element.

Back again to the VIP room, the artist is kind enough to take a few selfies with the fashion designers, and then sits for a little talk with the organizing team.

8:30 PM the lights go on, the show is about to start, and Nicolas Cage takes a seat at the front row, and watches with a lot of attention.