The Moroccan wedding blanket obsession

Written by Souad El Mghari

The Moroccan wedding blanket came a long way, from the Amazigh (Berber) villages in the Middle Atlas Mountains, to stylish homes all over the world.

Once a simple part of Amazigh women’s traditions, and a sign of the transition from a single girl to a married woman, the Moroccan wedding blanket; also called Handira, has started a real interior design revolution, especially in the west. Found in beautifully decorated houses all over the world, this little piece of furniture is the result of intricate work that could take from a couple of days to weeks to make, by the women of the Middle Atlas Mountain.

Typically, a sequined piece of cloth, made of sheep's wool, cotton, and linen, the Moroccan wedding blanket is extremely versatile; it can be used as a wall hanging, a rug, and more frequently as a bed covering; folded at the base of a bed or draped over a piece of furniture, injecting thus a sense of style and personality into any space

Ethnic, yet modern and sophisticated, the handira can instantly dress up any room. Be it the dangling sequins and tiny mirrors, or the warm fabric; that comes in many colors, even tough the dominating one is cream, however it seems that the world of interior design was won over by another Moroccan product.