Refreshing juices with a Moroccan flavour

The weather is warming up (hopefully), and it’s time to get on with refreshing drinks and stay hydrated.

To get you out of your usual go to drinks, here are the recipes (by Choumicha Chafai) for two new options of juices, with a Moroccan twist.

Almond juice


125 g blanched almonds

15 cl water

75 cl milk

1-tablespoon orange blossom water

Sugar to taste


Soak the blanched almonds in water and keep them in the fridge for 4 hours so that they stay hydrated.

Mix the almonds with the soaking water, the milk and the orange blossom water.

Sweeten to taste and serve while fresh.

Orange & dried raisins


1 l of fresh orange juice

200 g dried raisins

1 coffee spoon of cinnamon

1-tablespoon orange blossom water


Wash the raisins and soak them for 10 minutes in a water to keep hydrate them.

Drain the raisins and mix with the orange juice, cinnamon and the orange blossom water

Serve while fresh.