The lavish Moroccan home of famous perfumer that took 35 years to make

Written by Souad El Mghari

A prominent person in the world of beauty and perfumes, Serge Lutens has been known for several years for his eye for beautiful things, including his lavish, world-famous home in Marrakech.

Often described as being private, reclusive, and shy we are happy to have gotten the opportunity to get a little look inside perfumer Serge Lutens’s lavish Marrakech home. 35 years in the making, this true interior design masterpiece has kept its owner both creative, and as per his words “occupied” for such a long period, and that because Serge was said to be more interested in the process rather than the end result.

Having had a strong mark on the beauty industry at first, then the world of fragrances later on, Lutens has been strongly inspired by Morocco ever since his visits to the country in the 1980’s, which ended up being reflected in some of his perfumes, and also got him to acquire a property in the red city.

Coming back to his home in Marrakech, it includes many spectacular sitting rooms, a laboratory and outdoor patio where he works, and other incredible spaces which were inspired by a mix of medieval North African designs, and Amazigh touches.

Photos from Styleforum

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