A look inside Yves Saint Laurent’s Tangier house

Written by Souad El Mghari

In addition to his Marrakech estate, Yves Saint Laurent owned another home in Morocco, in Tangier more specifically, and here is a look at its interior.

We all know about the legendary fashion designer’s Marrakech house. However that is not late Yves Saint Laurent’s only Moroccan property, he also owned an airy villa in Tangier. Not much photographed or talked about, this home was more private than others, and a safe haven where the artist found some peace and quiet.

Named “Villa Mabrouka”, unlike for his other houses, Saint Laurent went with a more tame and light interior design esthetic for this one. Situated in the North of Morocco, on a cliff overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar and the southern coast of Spain, the house had both modernist and traditional Moroccan features.

For a tour, go through the photo gallery below.